"Déjame decirte algo que ya sabes. El mundo no es un camino de arcoiris y amaneceres, es un lugar cruel y malintencionado, y no importa lo fuerte que seas, te derrotará, y te pondrá de rodillas, te mantendrá ahí permanentemente si tú se lo permites. Ni tú, ni yo, ni nadie golpea tan duro como la vida. Pero no se trata de lo duro que golpees, si no de cuánto puedes ser golpeado y seguir adelante. Eso es lo que hacen los ganadores. Si tú sabes lo que vales, entonces ve, y consigue lo que te mereces. Pero tienes que estar dispuesto a recibir golpes, y no señalar con el dedo diciendo: 'no soy lo que quiero por culpa suya'. Los cobardes hacen eso, y tú no lo eres. Eres mejor que eso, porque hasta que no empieces a creer en ti mismo, no tendrás una vida" - Rocky Balboa.
Vivi ogni giorno della tua vita come se fosse l' ultimo

18 de mayo de 2017

My one and only

   To be honest, loving didn't use to be my thing. In fact, I had no idea about relationships, and when some friends of mine talked about their boyfriends, I always stared at them thinking that it seemed to be such a complicated thing to be involved in. As I can't erase my past, I won't say to you that there's no boy I've loved before, because I really did it. And, as you know, it's not easy to heal a broken heart. I spent some months desperately looking for someone who could make me forget all what I've lived before, but none of the boys I met convinced me. There always was something in the middle, that made that attempt of relationship failed.
   However, when I stopped my research, you appeared. It was a sort of madness. You're too far away, too unknown for me... You seemed so perfect that I thought I wasn't be able to complete you. I didn't know how to tell you that I was bitterly scared of falling in love, because I didn't want to be damaged again. I was so frightened, and you were so calmed. Nowadays, I can say (even shout) that I'm madly in love with you. Apart from being my boyfriend, my male best friend, the person who takes care of me the most, you've been also my teacher. Now I've learnt what means to love someone, and, which is even more important, now I know how it feels when someone truly loves you.
   There's no better thing in this world that I would apply for rather than being with you. I wouldn't change anything I've done, even though sometimes it hasn't been the best choice, even though nobody agreed with me. All decisions I made, I did it because you're the first in my guest list. You're the one I want to stay. And if, for ever reason, you don't, don't worry. I'm not going to blame on you. I can only say "Thanks". Thank you because you have lightened my days when I was completely in the darkness. And forgive me if sometimes my attitude is not the best one. Forgive me if sometimes I get angry with you with no reason.
    Don't forget that wherever you want to go, wherever your name is, mine will be next to yours. I will travel the world in order to find you. I do love you.

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